About Us

Leopard Love is a women’s apparel and accessories shop, based in the great State of Texas!  Our goal is to provide fun pieces year round for all types of women; wives, students, mothers, juniors, those that may be small, tall, curvy and all the beautiful women in between. We try especially hard to find unique pieces that will have you standing out in the crowd, as well as those timeless fashions that simply never go out of style.

One thing that sets us aside is our ♥ for getting to know our customers. You will receive the highest level of personalized customer service, and it’s actually quite common that meaningful friendships occur between the our team and our shoppers.

We want to see you in your new Leopard Love outfits. Please forward photos and reviews/testimonials to us or tag us @leorpardlove.

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What Leopard Love is All About

The goal of Leopard Love is to offer fun, easy, reasonable leopard print pieces for your wardrobe.  It's the little things like windblown hair, pops of color, a leopard print scarf, that add up to the bigger picture of your style.  Leopard is adventurous yet classic....a little like Hemingway!  It can be both over the top or simple and neutral.  Perhaps a bit like me and I have a feeling just like you too. 

Leopard Love is about adding little touches to your wardrobe and décor that make your day more exciting. 

My Promise to You

I will do my best to find unique pieces for our boxes and our shop.  I will keep it "real" on social media with a mix of what we offer and what we see on the street. 

A mix of filtered and unedited.  A mix of all ages wearing adventurous or simple leopard pieces you will love.  Leopard Love. 

 - Stephanie